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It’s little wonder that Sri Lanka has been such a popular destination. There are so many wonderful aspects to this beautiful country; the lovely people, the culture, the landscape, the animals and much more. It’s a country full of history and great traditions.

Unfortunately the tragic events of Easter Sunday earlier this year caused many visitors to delay or defer their travel to Sri Lanka. As a result the tourism industry is suffering from an 80% decline which has created a great deal of social and economic distress.

The locals do their best to recover but there are many affected families right across the country - not just the ones involved directly in the tourism industry but all of those who provide support services. For some, the consequences are dire yet they still manage to smile.

The video above was shot in July this year by Beyond Travel, a specialist tour operator to Sri Lanka, and other destinations.  Beyond Travel came to Sri Lanka to offer help.  Not just by providing direct financial support to some of the worst affected families but also to help bolster tourism thereby creating a more sustainable financial recovery.

What needs to be done?

Direct financial support for the worst affected families.

Promoting tourism to Sri Lanka so that recovery becomes ongoing and sustainable.

Support where
it's needed.

Drivers / Guides

Drivers / Guides

Consider a driver who has invested in his family’s future and leased a car. His employment relies directly on tourism. If he can’t pay his lease, both his immediate and long term income are in jeopardy. We can support him short term by paying the lease and this also secures his family’s long-term future.



Take, for example, the egg farmer who supplies hotels for their buffet breakfasts. His family’s livelihood relies indirectly on tourism. Without a market for his produce they may not be able to maintain their brood of chickens, which may in-turn affect their future. By receiving immediate relief they can maintain their brood and secure long-term viability of their farm when tourism rebounds.

Beyond Travel is dedicated to using travel as a means of enriching the lives of people, across the world and creating a better future for all.

“We see endless benefits in sharing experiences, learning from different cultures and understanding people, from all corners of the globe, a little bit better”.

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Sincere thanks to PayPal for their generous support providing immediate relief to families in Sri Lanka

Support Sri Lanka Initiative

Watch our video to find out more about the Support Sri Lanka initiative and to hear from one of our sponsors, PayPal

Immediate support

Beyond Travel have already started the campaign. Together with PayPal they have contributed to helping sustain 30 families through cash donations, to both those directly employed in the tourism industry such as guides and drivers, and those whose livelihood directly relies on tours such as farmers.

Sustained support

In addition Beyond Travel has launched a range special tours to Sri Lanka in order to stimulate additional travel thereby providing sustainable support to families whose livelihoods depend on tourism, directly or indirectly.

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